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HorseStreet Handicapper

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Product Description

Horsestreet Handicapper (known as HSH to its users and fans) is your toolbox for handicapping races “just like this one.”

The goal of the typical HSH user is to build their own, unique Black Box Handicapping Approach. That is, a system or method that is as close to automated as possible.

HSH does just about everything for you.

  • Define your system – what we call an “analyst” – using “handicapping objects” or impact value tables built from the almost 4,000 factors available for each horse!
  • Define analysts (systems) for many different kinds of races. There is no limit to how many analysts you can create.
  • HSH will even manage the analysts for you, making sure that the correct analyst fires in the correct race.
  • Back-test the analysts against your database.
  • Create “Race Filters” to locate “Races like this one.”
  • Save all the races you bet into a “Study” for later review.
  • Improve your results by running queries against the races you have previously put into a study.
  • Automate your wagering with the Betting Systems.

It doesn’t matter what you want to base your approach upon. With almost 4,000 factors per horse just about everything is covered.

Want to improve what you are doing? 

  • Tired of not knowing how to pick contenders?  Ask questions like, “What factor gets the most winners in the top 2 in races like this?” and then make a “Contender Object.” (Dave: “There are six different contender objects in my handicapping. Four to put horses in and two others to throw them out.”)
  • Tired of getting beaten by high-odds winners that you aren’t betting? Export them from your “Study” and ask “What factors did they rank high in?” (Dave: “I built low-odds and high-odds contender objects this way.”)
  • Tired of the last-minute odds changes? Run a query of the factors that best predict the final odds and create an “object” from them. (Dave: “I have not used the tote board to make a wagering decision in over 2 years.”
  • Want to search for a combination of factors weighted together? Use the “Object Master” to build 3-factor objects by testing them against past races. (Dave: “I tested all the combinations of 200  x 200 x 200 factors against 11,000 races overnight! That’s 8 million combinations!
  • Want to build a “Pace Model?” How about fetching races from your database with similar pace pressure to today. (Dave: “My version of NewPace allows me to predict at which call the winner will make its move!”)
  • Tired of selecting the wrong pacelines? Most HSH users have not selected a paceline in years, yet still pace handicap against models.
  • Want to specialize in a particular type of race? Just build a filter and run it against today’s races.
  • So much more…


HSH was developed by Dave Schwartz after his years of extensive research and experience with handicapping races and writing artificial intelligence software. The Horsestreet Handicapper is packed with all of Dave’s favorite tools, and backed with his highly regarded customer service. The product is taught with a tremendous collection of videos and via our Facebook group, where there is almost always someone available to answer your questions. There is even FREE tutoring available to help get you past the learning curve.


NOTE: You will need to subscribe to Handicapper’s Data Warehouse data feed service in order to use HSH.


(Want a payment plan? Notice the PayPal deal down below!)


 Please note that software is not returnable.

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Product Reviews

  1. The Most Complete Software Program on the Market 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Dec 2014

    This program is a tremendous work by Dave, and when it 1st came out years ago it had quite a learning curve, and it took some real effort to find your niche in it.

    But now-a-days Dave has made it very simple and very powerful to use. It has it all, you can get lost in the vastness of this program and yet also open it up and use it right away with great results.

    Let's just say I have a love/hate relationship with in the old days, but now it just a Love it relationship, simplicity will do that for you.

    Getting this program will help win, and Dave's support is The Best, he is always available to answer any questions, anytime.

  2. Great Product for a challenging game 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Dec 2014

    HSH is the gateway to a database for every race type going back several years with thousands of factors to look at races in ways no other product offers. HSH is the engine to develop your own handicapping systems. Dave has developed a number of unique handicapping systems that shows the capabilities of HSH.
    For me it takes the complexity (all those numbers) of the game and distills and organizes the information in a way your brain can wrap itself around them. Horse racing handicapping is challenging and HSH helps with that challenge. HSH is for the person how wants to take their game and themselves to a new level. I have had this product of years and I plan on using it forever.

  3. ALL the tools 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Dec 2014

    Let me start off by saying, if you can't find a way to win with this product, you can't win. It is fair to say with HSH, you will have tools at your fingertips that aren't available ANYWHERE else.

    This sophistication of course comes at a price. There is a learning curve involved with learning how to use the software. A learning curve, not Mission Impossible. There are videos and current users to help one get going. That said, if a person is in a hurry to start making some bets, one can probably begin playing the races right out of the box by simply clicking the New Pace button. Double check that with Dave, it might require some minimal set up.

    I'm not sure I would recommend this to a casual player. On the other hand, if you take racing seriously, you will have the tools to test almost any concept or idea you can come up with.


    Posted by on 24th Dec 2014

    The most versatile handicapping product available to the public. Effective in handicapping dashes, sprints, routes, dirt, turf, maiden, claimers, allowance, and stakes.

    Handicap by pace? By the human element (trainer & jock)? By class? By form? Maybe a combination of these factors.
    All these aspects of handicapping a race are available to the user in one product!

    More than 2500+ handicapping factors to choose from………..and the option of weighting them.

    How is your system performing…………use studies to find out and to tweak your system.

    You are always on the cutting edge of new handicapping discoveries as they are integrated into the program on a frequent basis.

    Then there is the excellent support provided by Dave S and other HSH users.

    If you are serious about winning at the races, then you want HSH.

  5. THE BEST 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Dec 2014

    In my opinion this is the best of the best.Been betting over 50 years and this products blows everything out of the water.Dave's customer service is second to none

  6. Are you a serious player 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Dec 2014

    This product is not for the non-serious player,if your are sincere in horse racing handicapping and want to be at the top of your game you cannot beat this software. It has every tool thinkable for you use to use all in one package. You cannot beat the product support from both the software developer and fellow users I would honestly recommend the Horse Street Handicapper for all serious horse players.


    Posted by on 22nd Dec 2014

    HSH is an exceptional tool for the horseplayer that is interested in the ‘technical analysis’ aspect of handicapping. This product, effectively utilized, in combination with ‘fundamental handicapping skills’ is exactly what is required for the serious player to make a continuous profit from the game over time.

    I fist encountered Dave’s exceptional skill in developing ‘horse handicapping software’ to the next level over twenty years ago with what then was also a truly exceptional product, THORO-BRAIN IV. I was both impressed and successful. HSH is in my opinion three or four levels advanced from that earlier software, in ease of use, flexibility, and overall content.

    This product, properly studied, implemented with reason, and applied correctly is just what a serious player needs to support his/her game.

  8. Amazing Possibilities & Endless Probabilities With This Software 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Sep 2012

    This software is really that stands up to what is being said on the Web site. I am former user of ADPA Focus2000 software that I thought was pretty good but it went the company went under in 2007 so I was lost trying to find the next big investment in horse racing software & I came across Horsestreet which has a beginning learning curve but after that you feel like superman when you step into the race track with
    this silver bullet!!!! I left you some of my own proof with a link...Good Luck..
    PHIL From Atlanta GA


  9. GREAT PRODUCT 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd May 2012

    the Software is first Rate and so is the customer
    service.I could not be any more pleased with Dave
    and his HSH product

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